Armenia 2011: Photojournal

The reason for this second trip was my participation in Armenia's third comic festival, that took place in Yerevan in May. A small, highly convivial event, it was an occasion for memorable encounters and much walking around the lovely capital, though I was too busy with the event to do much photography (also my good camera had died in Japan a few months prior and I was reduced to my pocket and phone cameras).

Yerevan can be very random.

The famous Moskva cinema, of unmistakable architecture

The Armenian première of Adèle Blanc-Sec was showing in the presence of one of the main actors

Aznavour Sq. seen from the cinema

Comics on the sidewalk, an afternoon activity organized by the festival

My impromptu contribution. Due to a flash rainstorm, the pavement was wet.

Dominique Bertail teaching digital art

The National Chamber Theatre, one of the venues where the festival took place.
Its population of mannikins (like the pianist) kept startling me.
Laurent Melikian distributing contest prizes

Laurent Melikian and the grand prize winner
Organized raid on the Vernissage with the guys

Jacky Nercessian with the drama students

Comic artists... strange people!
 On my last day, after the festival was over, we all piled up – I mean ALL, 4 local artists, 2 husbands, 2 daughters, Dominique and myself – in a 4WD and went off on a day trip to Garni and Geghard, which I wanted to see again.

Garni is mighty cold in the spring...

Geghard is what I really wanted to see, but I didn't have proper equipment to shoot in the quasi darkness. So I enjoyed the space I had come to see again (I had it all to myself this time), and then caught a few carvings in the passage, but it was very dark and I had to crank up the levels for them to show here:

Now, from Garni, one can look down into the valley and see the following interesting columnar basalt formations, that I had noticed on my first trip:

What I didn't know was that there was a way down into it, and our friends surprised us with it, taking us down worryingly winding paths until we were treated to these amazing sights. The sign said "Symphony of Stones"...

One last shot, caught on the fly from the moving car, just to show the majesty that stands over the Armenian capital