Algeria: Photojournal

My usual luck demonstrated by this view from my hotel room. Wow, Algiers!

A truly "white" city

The doors of the Grande Poste, the main post office

Gee, I want a post office like that...

I was not allowed to take this shot (martial law and all that) but it was too late... Oops.

Break dance practice at the mouth of a never-completed metro.

Derelict Art Deco buildings, so sad

Hip shot: game of backgammon in the park

One of the kids ran up to me to ask for a sip from my bottle.

Same group, another hip shot

Much welcome mint tea after a hot stroll

Esplanade Riad el-Fateh...

I was told that this part of town was built in haste for those who returned in equal haste from France.