Street art - statements

This page gathers political and social statements, and not surprisingly those represent the most abundant form of street "art".

Kantari. Probably the wisest of all!

Hamra. An ostrich with its head in the sand.

Mar Mitr. The TV screen reads:"The News"

Monot. The many car bombs that followed Syria's long-overdue expulsion
from Lebanon were in turn followed by a plethora of stencils representing
ticking bombs, especially in the areas where the actual bombs exploded.





Hamra. Woman power

Hamra. Obscure but I'm guessing it states that women "have no weight" in society

Hamra. One in a series of gay rights stencils (whose creators are not necessarily
themselves gay). It shows a male face saying "I love him." In my opinion
this campaign could have benefited from properly designed, clearer graphics.

Hamra. "Who's abnormal? Your mama's abnormal. I'm normal..."

Hamra. Two men kissing with the caption: "Where's the problem?"

Ain el Mreisse. Both portraits are labeled "emigrant", a reference
to the hemorrage of young men and women who left the country. This has been
happening for decades, but it peaked alarmingly after the 2006 offensive.

Ain el-Mreisse: "Sri Lankese ≠ servant." Two others in this
series say "Foreigners ≠ stuffed with money" and "East European ≠ prostitute"

These 3 designs found in Gemmayze are, if I'm reading them correctly,
hybrids between animals and weapons. This one shows a dragonfly-helicopter.

Here's a beaver-handgrenade.

And this one's a moose with submachine guns for antlers.

Hamra. This is in support of Gaza but I don't get it.

Hamra. "Intifada: even with shoes!"This followed Bush's being pelted with shoes
in Iraq, an incident that made a lot of people's "best of 2008" list.

Behind the American University: "You're blinding me with all these political slogans."

Behind the American University: "I will not pollute walls with
partisan slogans. I will not pollute walls with partisan slogans..."

Sursok: "WAS a street with a traditional character". Immediate response
to the scandalous high-rise construction taking place right between the museum
and Lady Cochrane's villa. This sign has been in this state for years now,
so perhaps the authorities feel they have a point.

Hamra. The blue tag says "Shame!"
Interesting they didn't attempt to hide the offensive symbol.