Street art - funny

Witty statements and humorous stencils.

Monot. "Nancy is returning" - a dig at a certain
other "is returning" campaign (that one taking itself seriously)

Monot. "Bruce Lee is alive in us"
- another dig at an oft-used catchphrase


Hamra. The caption under Mickey Mouse says "We're with you!" in a manner that evokes political stencils. This design spread after the absurd story of a mufti putting a fatwa on Mickey because "mice are filthy and should be killed." I don't know the story behind the Bambi stencil, though.

Saifi. This was during the several months during which we had no president


Hamra. This spinoff on the street signs that indicate "Street with
traditional character" says "Wall with artistic slogans".

Jeitawi. I assume it refers to the Beatles song.

Hamra. I suspect a veiled reference to certain bearded armed
elements who block roads for the rest of us but remain free to move
around thanks to their scooter-turned-terrorist weapon...

Hamra. Umm Kalsoum with Haifa's song "Bous el wawa".
Presumably a commentary on what music icons were and what they have become.

Hamra. Johnny Walker!

"No parking" "WHY?"

"Be careful, don't walk into the pillar, thank you."