Viêt Nam 05 p5

Flowery Bac Ha

I thought I had been spoiled, but Sunday was really the cherry on the cake. Three and a half hours' bus ride brought us to the market of Bac Ha, in Flower Hmong country. Such heavily embroidered clothing I had never seen, not even in pictures, and certainly not in such a large gathering. The market in Sa Pa catered largely to tourists, but this one was where the hilltribes themselves came to buy food, tobacco, cloth, wool, hardware, rubber boots, puppies, pigs, horse… The crowd was dense, motley, busy, and I was tripping over myself trying to capture the best pictures I could, in a mild state of dazed shock due to the overdose of colours... There's little to say about it and much to see, so I will let the photos speak for me here.

The bags, carried by men and women alike, reflect their clothing.
Bright wool is avidly sought.

Sampling tobacco

Puppies as well (not for food!)
Déjà vu
All there was left for me to do after that was take the night train back to Ha Noi with my three companions and proceed straight to the airport for the long journey home…